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Puckie Zakłady Mechaniczne Amex Sp. z o.o

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Puck Mechanical Works Amex Ltd is a company which offers a wide range of services from designing to assembling and testing. Our main production capacity are optimized for offshore industry for now. Thanks to highly qualified personnel, modern technology and efficient production equipment we are able to offer: engine spare parts for maritime and railway industries, highpressure water pumps, marine power units and also services such as: casting, welding, final machining and designing.

Our main production line is located in Puck. In Kartoszyno near Zarnowieckie Lake we’ve established our new assembly hall. Our workers from all departments (engineering and technology, commercial, foundry, welding, paint shop, assembly – also hydraulic and electrical – and quality) are the connection of experience and routine with youth what makes an opportunity for development while maintaining the past standards. Puck Mechanical Works has obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate issued by Norwegian DNV „Fabrication, assembly and completion of drilling equipment for offshore oil industry” and also approval for our foundry (Lloyd’s Register).

Our mission is to develop constantly and expand partnership with our main Clients by the implementation of innovative projects that require extensive knowledge and experience.
We make raw castings, heat treated, machined from most of the available grades of cast iron and cast steel in the weight range up to 2000 kg, based on the provided documentation or models.
We offer a wide range of machining, welding, painting, heat treatment and design service
We specialize in the production of machinery and equipment intended for drilling rigs. We provide a full range of, among others structures for twisting, transport, storage and feeding pipes to the drilling device according to strict standards (including NORSOK standards).