Our offer:

  • engineering casting of cast iron for marine industry, weight 0,5 – 500kg (pistons, cylinder heads, buchings)
  • casting of nodular cast iron for engineering industry, weight 1,5 – 400kg
  • casting of lead alloys for yachts and boats, weight up to 1000kg
  • casting of power screws of brass, weight 35 – 250kg
  • casting of bronze spare parts for naval engines
  • art casting of non-ferrous metals and cast iron alloys
  • casting of cast steel



Grades of metal casting:

  • grey cast iron: GG-10, GG-15, GG-20, GG-25, GG-30,
  • nodular cast iron: GGG-40, GGG-50, GGG-60, GGG-70,
  • alloy cast iron (also hard effaceable)
  • copper alloys – bronze B101, B102, B555

- brass MM55

  • aluminum alloys eg. AK7, AK11, AK12
  • carbon steel
  • alloy cast steel including stainless steelglowica

Meltings are conducted in induction melting-furnaces.


Maximum casting weight:

  • cast iron – 2000kg
  • non-ferrous steel – 250kg
  • cast steel - 1000kg

Chemical composition verification

We check the chemical composition of every produced castings.

We are able to offer a verification of chemical composition of steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys and copper. We have a modern emission spectrometer which can check the chemical composition of the delivered metal samples quickly and precisely.


We can also offer:

  • making wood or metal patterns,
  • services of heat treatment of normalizing and stress relief annealing,
  • perform non-destructive testing by independent units.



We offer:

  • turning works - Ømax=250mm, Lmax=5000mm,
  • boring and turning mill - Ømax= 2650mm, height max=1400mm,
  • mechanicznymilling works – X – 3500, Y – 1000,
  • boring works – X – 3500, Y – 2000,
  • works on radial drilling machines and box-type drilling machines,
  • works on jig boring machines,
  • cuttining gear wheels with Fellows method and hobbing,
  • gear wheel hobbing up to 1200mm and module 12
  • gear wheel grinding – Niles (Ømax=630mm) up to 6 accuracy class,
  • machining on CNC machines, max. shifts: X – 800, Y – 800, Z – 800,
  • grinding works: planes – 500x200mm, Ø630mm, Ø1250mm,


shafts - Ømax=360mm, Lmax=1600mm,

holes - Ømax=315mm, Lmax=500mm,  

roller gear wheels – Ømax=630mm up to module 10th 

  • hole broaching with keyways, splines and holes broaches,
  • angle plates for milling machines,
  • tools sharpening,
  • spare parts for propulsion sets: REKIN, DELFIN 2, 2T, 3TS and 4TA
  • structures welding based on delivered documentation

- weld types: all

- materials: carbon steel S235, S355, S420; with high resistance: Weldox 700, S690, stainless steel AISI 316

- thickness: up to 100mm

- max. weight of welded structure: 10 000 kg



  • We offer design services in the field of industrial machinery and equipment.



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